University of Innsbruck debates the impact of soy

Beyond Fordlândia was screened at the Center for Inter-American Studies (Centro de Estudos Interamericanos) of the University of Innsbruck, Austria, on the 12th December 2017. Invited by University professor, Martin Coy, director Marcos Colón talked about the importance of connecting places and experiences through film. 
“Although the theme portrayed in the film has a specific location – the Amazon, the issues and concerns discussed have universal coverage. The same aggressions against humans, the environment and the indigenous communities occur in other countries and continents ”, explained the director. 
Besides the repetition of the process around the world, Colón demonstrated preoccupation with the Brazilian context. 
“The form of intervention through which history repeats itself in the Amazonian social and cultural environment is tragic and peculiar: dispossessed, isolated and frequently ignored by public power, even with all its multiplicity”, he explained.