Rachel Carson Center receives debate on the Amazon and Agribusiness

One of the most respected research institutions in the world, the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society held a presentation of Beyond Fordlândia at Amerika House in Munich, Germany, on 11th December 2017. 

The round table debates on agribusiness in the Amazon and the historical evils of the rubber process was composed of the film's director, Marcos Colón, professor of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Kata Beilin, and professor from the University of Zurique, Antoine Acker. 

“It was a great event. The public demonstrated a lot of enthusiasm in relation to the film, with various requests for further screenings of the production. We were able to discuss the scenario of the film in the face of social, political and cultural issues”, related  professor Beilin, who researches interspecies resistance to genetically engineered soy in the Hispanic World.

Follow the screening schedule of Beyond Fordlândia here.

Beyond Fordlândia Munique.JPG