Beyond Fordlândia Première no Espaço Itaú de Cinema (Rio de Janeiro)

Rio de Janeiro hosted the official debut of Beyond Fordlândia on November 14, after the successful production of several international film festivals and events in the states of Pará and Amazonas. The film was shown in a special session of the Filmambiente Festival.

More than 100 people attended the exhibition, which was followed by a debate with director Marcos Colón and the public health specialist Marcus Barros, who includes the cast of scientists, artists, teachers, journalists, researchers and representatives of traditional and indigenous communities of the movie. The conversation was mediated by the biologist and vice president of Conservation International of Brazil, Rodrigo Medeiros.

In addition to questions about the film and the production of the documentary, the debate served to bring to the southeast axis of Brazil the concern with the model of development arbitrarily imposed on diverse regions of the Amazon by the soybean industry.

“By the literature, I knew several projects for the Amazon. But I experienced one of them, which is the Free Zone of Manaus, as well as the Ford project reported by Marcos [Colón]. More than 500 companies that in a violent migration of labor that later will be discarded. And the people, marginalized. Brazil has not learned from the degradation coming from large projects It is the social degradation that leads to human and social ill health. Brazil has not learned that this is not the way to deal with the Amazon”, criticized Professor Marcus Barros.

The next destination of the film is Germany. At the Rachel Carson for Environment and Society, in Munich, director Marcos Colón will participate in a screening of the film with debate, to be held on December 11, with the participation of historian Antoine Acker of the University of Zurich and Professor Kata Beilin of the Department of Portuguese and Spanish at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The discussion will be mediated by the director of Rachel Carson Center, Professor Christof Mauch. 

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