For the Journalist Daniel Delfino a Collaborator with Beyond Fordlândia - Dead from Stray Bullet

Photo after the defense of the Course Conclusion Project at the Rural Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. From left to right: Daniel; professor and tutor, Simone Orlando; and the professors of the examination board; Rejane Moreira and Wagner Costa.

The Amazon awakens different sensations in those that come into contact with its history, its name and its land. It was as such for professor Marcos Colón, who envisioned a project and a reason to make a defense of this treasure, gifting us the documentary Beyond Fordlândia.

In September of last year, through a much loved teacher, Lucas was able to get to know this universe. To collaborate on a project in tune with our ideas is extremely gratifying.

Daniel Delfino, 27 anos, defended his monograph on the same day as me. Graduated and employed, at times he would talk about the desire to “get involved in more projects”. In this great phase of the film's repercussion, I invited him to work on the creation of an article about the documentary for Wikipédia.

This was the start of what was sure to be a fruitful partnership. Daniel translated in his humor the qualities often associated with good journalists - acumen, curiosity and dedication. It was a great opportunity to include an extremely competent friend in this adventure. But our project has been cut short.

Daniel was hit in the stomach by a stray bullet, in Guadalupe, the neighborhood where he lived, in the North zone of Rio de Janeiro. The raw violence that took his life last Sunday (16) leaves us dumbfounded and disturbed. His memory, enthusiasm and respect for life will continue with us.

We won't allow ourselves to forget that Daniel's life was cut down by the violence of social confrontation. The state and organized crime live a conflict that goes beyond the common citizen. It must be resisted by the citizens and in the name of those that fell victim to the tragedy of our days.

We leave here our love for our friend and professional colleague.

Our sympathies and strength to Daniel's family at this difficult time.

Lucas Nascimento

Marcos Colón

Here the entry to Beyond Fordlândia on Wikipedia by Daniel Delfino:ândia