Joint Action to Save the Amazon

One week ago (September 15-17) a joint MEETING OF THE SOCIAL MOVEMENTS OF WEST PARÁ was held in the district of Mararu in Santarém, West of the Paraense Amazon: "Weaving resistance in the confrontation with capital investment”, an event that was attended by about one hundred activists from social movements in twelve municipalities in west Pará.

During the event, representatives of the movements discussed the progress of large interests (agribusiness, hydroelectric, mineral extraction, logging), advancing in the region that do not take into account respect for the customs and traditions of the indigenous population and the balance of life in the Amazon region. The meeting also aimed at building a solidarity network to confront the invasion of the territory by national and foreign capital.

At the end of the event, three lines of action were drawn: (1) strategic planning in the areas of action; (2) the struggle to defend the territory threatened with invasion and (3) the use of communication networks to keep the various interested groups interconnected (radio, social networks, social media and newspapers) — aimed at mobilization of other movements throughout the Amazon.

According to the organizers of the event, governments and companies will encounter some difficulties in achieving their goal of destroying the common home of the Amazonians.

Photos by Laura Chagas.